Current Projects

The StarCrowned’s Gaze
stories from the world of Avret

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Canyon Masks
Caleb Raith and Lyssa Starborn, both Marked by different gods, have to work together to win a rebellion and set the desert on the path to peace. And try not to kill each other while they’re at it. [Novel]

Summer of Silence
Pyrrhus Auraest, Marked of the Sun, contends with divine forces corrupting his religion from within and turning friends against each other, and the indoctrinated leaders of neighboring countries trying to conquer his home from without. To save them all, he may have to sacrifice himself. [Novel]

Title TBD
Pyrrhus and Caleb join forces to evict the overgrown minion of the Silenced from devouring Caleb’s home. Along the way, they both share and heal from past traumas. [Novel]

Pax Aegis
Set during the aftermath of the Cataclysm. Pax and her band of misfit friends delve into the lost homeland of the first Marked, guided only by old songs and ballads, to find an artifact of great power to save their home. She wrestles with being a powerless daughter of demigods, and learns even she has something to offer history. [Novel]

Companion Book/Title TBD
The last Marked of the Starcrowned is stolen by Silenced, and his daughter and her friends have to get him back. Meanwhile, a SunsMarked enacts a plan to ward the entire world from the Silenced and their minions forever. The two collide with disastrous, Catalysmic consequences. [Novel]

World Hearts:
stories from the world of Kelebek and the Scribes

Title TBD
When their mentor vanishes, a group of apprentice Spiritriders must venture out to find them. Along the way, they discover a proto-Worldheart and her Guardians, and must unravel the mystery of dying Worldhearts in order to save both the young one, and their mentor. [Novel]

Wingdust Wishes
Kelebek accidentally discovers the magic of the Inked Butterflies, and makes her first Wish. [Short Story]