Reed Mingault is the daughter of a Marine and hasn’t spent more than a few years in one place in her life. Her formative years, when not moving cross country and across oceans, were spent on horseback and handling birds of prey, and she’ll happily tell you more than you wanted to know about either. She draws, paints, dabbles in illuminated calligraphy, and is fascinated by pre-industrial handicrafts. Reed lives with her geneticist husband, precocious daughter, and a small menagerie of furred, scaled, and exoskeleton-ed critters.

Reed can be found on twitter at @MilvusScribe and on Mastodon as Wandering.shop/@milvusscribe.

Reed and the Pooka cat at the St. Louis Arch,
January 2020

Works by Reed

“The Scribe’s Garden” — Published May 19th, 2021. One of three winners of the 2020 Cast of Wonders Flash Fiction Contest: https://www.castofwonders.org/2021/05/cast-of-wonders-452-little-wonders-29-flash-fiction-contest-winners/

Contributed to Sarah Gailey’s Building Beyond series, here:


“Bound by Oak and Stone” – Accepted March 2023 by Tales and Feathers

“Canyon Masks” – Novella; Accepted April 2023 by GigaNotoSaurus

“Silver Tracings in Starlit Skies” – Accepted April 2023 by Worlds of Possibility

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